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Teaching Skills That Matter – SkillBlox Research

The EdTech Center @ World Education, together with partners from the American Institutes for Research, is exploring the rollout of the Teaching Skills That Matter (TSTM) framework developed by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) and will develop and pilot test instructional resources for TSTM, delivered through World…

Boston DigLit Initiative, Phase II: Tech Integration

In this second phase of the Boston DigLit Initiative, World Education will support participating Boston Adult Literacy Initiative member programs with integrating technology into their program and instructional practices through individualized coaching. Based off the goals, needs, and gaps identified in Phase I, programs will develop and compile customized routines for a Boston-specific edtech strategy…

Boston DigLit Initiative, Phase I: Needs Assessment and Action Plan

In this first phase of the Boston DigLit Initiative, World Education led twenty-five Boston Adult Literacy Initiative member programs through a comprehensive needs assessment and action planning process. This process was supported by both individualized and cohort-based coaching and professional development, and each program made substantial progress in recognizing and addressing gaps in their approach…

Digital Navigators Connecting Communities

In partnership with AT&T, World Education is working to increase the impact of established Connected Learning Centers by integrating digital navigator services within five cities across the nation. The team will start by identifying the needs of each community and leverage expertise in digital inclusion to co-design digital navigator services in: Dallas, TX Detroit, MI Los…

Census Ambassador Training

The Census Ambassador Trainings prepared adult students to support others to fill out the census, especially in hard-to-count communities where the effect of not being counted can have devastating effects on community access to healthcare, education, jobs, and essential services. We developed materials designed to teach basic skills in the context of information about the census—why…

English Now! Learning Circles

Building on the success and learnings of the pilot project, national scale-up of English Now! learning circles focuses on fostering peer learning for English Language Learners (ELLs). The project will open access to English learning for 250 ELLs at 10 sites in CA, DC, MD, PA, and TX through low-cost learning circles that combine learning…

MA ESOL Standards Revision

World Education is updating the Massachusetts (MA) ESOL Standards for Adult Education to align them more fully with the national College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education and English Language Proficiency Standards. This revision will enable ESOL instructors and others to be guided by one integrated standards document and to provide more consistent programming…

Brookline Teen Job Readiness Assessment Project

The World Education's National College Transition Network (NCTN) team is assessing the workforce training programs for teens and young adults in Brookline, MA. This assessment is the first step in identifying strategies and developing the action plan needed to ensure that youth have the skills needed to be successful in a career of their choice….

Building the Foundation: Strengthening Public-Private Systems for Upskilling Workers

Millions of Americans are employed but lack key literacy, numeracy, or technology-related skills that would enable them to achieve economic mobility. The issue is especially acute in the service sector where 20 million people lack key foundational skills. World Education is a partner in Building the Foundation a new initiative led by the National Skills…

Sidekim Foods “English for Success!”

In Massachusetts, more than one-third of the state’s 3.2 million workers do not have the skills required to perform in the state’s rapidly changing economy and need adult basic education services. World Education's collaboration with Sidekim Foods in Lynn, MA is bridging that gap for the workers at Sidekim Foods through on-site English language classes….

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